About Us

Our parent company at Armour Metals.com has as long history of metal roofing and every time we installed a black boot on a beautiful new colored metal roof we just knew it was wrong.

For years we even painted them, but no matter what kind of paint we used the paint would peel off and look worse than if we would have left it black. So now we offer color matched pipe boots.  We have 18 colors of pipe flashings and they color match most colors of  26 and 29 ga. metal roofing. See the color chart for the different colors we offer. Soon there will be colors matching kynar paint with 34 more colors to choose from.  These are made to last much longer than standard epdm boots and they are high temperature resistant up to 350 degrees. These are very nice pipe boots you will be very pleased with the colors and quality. 

We offer a 100%  money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Colored pipe boots from Armour Metals